Ortho Anisidine

Release Time: 2022-11-24

Brief introduction

Ortho Anisidine is a yellow liquid with a melting point of -1 to 5 °C and a density of 1.09 g/cm3. The vapor pressure is 0.05 mbar at 20 °C but increases greatly with temperature. It has an aromatic smell and is well absorbed by inhalation, oral ingestion and skin contact. Ortho Anisidine is a very toxic agent that causes blood, enzyme and nerve damage with cyanosis and the danger of suffocation. The agent is an experimental carcinogen and is strongly suspected to be a human carcinogen also.

Essential information

Chinese name


English name

Ortho Anisidine;o-Anisidine

CAS number


Molecular formula


molecular weight


Precise quality


Component contentt

O-aminoanisole: 99.79%

High boiling matter: 0.05%

Low boiling matter: 0.01%

P-aminoanisole: 0.03%

O-chlorophenylamine: 0.01%

O-chloroanisole: 0.08%

Physicochemical properties

Properties: light yellow transparent liquid.

Melting point: 3-6 ℃

Boiling point: 225 ℃

Relative density: 1.092

Solubility: soluble in dilute inorganic acid, ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in water

Security information

Customs Code: 29222910

Application of o-aminoanisole

Used as dyes, spices and pharmaceutical intermediates.

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